shedding skin.

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let’s play.

uncontrollable control.

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South African producer/DJ Spoek Mathambo and photographer Pieter Hugo together with  Michael Cleary came up with something absolutely stunning.


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A piece from the on-going project.

a lonely wolf of grainy streets.

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One of my most favorite photographers – Michael Woolf.

I’ve read a few negative comments about Woolf’s projects and him being awarded at the WPP. Those guys were apparently the ones, who always believed in ‘classical’ photojournalism and wanted nothing more than to be ‘flies on the walls’. (No, really, who still believes in that?) They say Woolf’s work is just a joke and it’s a shame to call it photojournalism. Well, here is a photo gallery for those old bores: Fuck you google street view. Enjoy.

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but what if i’m not?

trying to find where the rainbow begins.

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Quiet and intimate photographs of   Benoit Paillé   invites to taste a little bit of the rainbow. It think I hold my breath for a while, was afraid to interrupt that atmosphere.

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