chinese beach.

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No swimming, black tires, silly swimming suits, hats,umbrellas, tons of russians, wedding photography, gold, tattoos and other stuff.

in the shades.

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From the Yongding river project.

sounds like paranoia.

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UNKLE+Nick Cave+Tom Haines=freak show and running rabbit

‘there goes the Jigsaw man
stuffing you in the pockets of his pants
we thought we’d make it safe and clear
but we never really stood a chance
we took it the money
we took it over everything we held true 
ran around the world
yeah little rabbit, run’

i remember.

July 7, 2011 § 2 Comments

From the Imagined/Remembered China set – Projected memories.



construction site: my little great wall.

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From the Imagined/Remembered China – The Great Wall project.

Watermelons for dinner and some construction work.


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Listen to Unkle – Caged bird and Falling stars.


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But it almost always feels like in limbo.

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