Myanmar was a nice dream

June 27, 2013 § 7 Comments


I finished my Myanmar series and uploaded complete selection on my website: here.

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§ 7 Responses to Myanmar was a nice dream

  • PRAMUDIYA says:

    very nice photos you have on your website. i enjoyed all series very much, i especially liked myanmar, tibet and thailand! can’t wait for more

  • your photographs are stunning and it is amazing how intimately you captured the people. thank you for sharing!

  • I have found a quiet, but resolute voice, a warm beating heart and a sharp eye for beauty in our world in your photography – it has brought me joy and wonder – thank you.

  • themodernidiot says:

    your excellent work sparks so many questions!

    why the face paint? is it functional as well as aesthetic?

    what’s the deal with the dental problems?

    bugs-be honest, how bad are they?

    what lens(es) do you carry-you seem to always have just the right one, even for the spontaneous shots?

    are those farm fields around the temples? are they brown because it is summer?

    who won the volleyball game? 🙂

    • berta til says:

      the face paint is the sun block.
      red teeth is because they are always chewing beetle nut.
      i didn’t have much problems with the bugs – you need a mosquito net, maybe some spray and it’s fine.
      i only have one lens, as it’s much easier while traveling – canon 24-105mm.
      brown fields around the temples are not farms, it’s sand and some grass.
      volleyball players were really good, winning in turns 🙂

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