Himalayas: Climbing up the Peaks

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My story and pictures from our trek in Himalaya published in AirLituanica inflight magazine. One of the best adventures ever. More pics: http://godoberta.com/project/himalaya/ 00 AIR LITUANICA7 HIMALAJAI2-2 00 AIR LITUANICA7 HIMALAJAI2

An award for “The Ice Road” photo story

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Our photo story about the Ice Road that Giedrius Dagys, Ž. Vasiliauskas and me made in Siberia last year, won a first prize in Lithuanian Press Photography 2014 awards.

Stories and videos from Siberia: http://dikiy.me/portfolio-category/evenkia-2/ andhttp://dikiy.me/portfolio-category/video-evenkia/

Pictures of the prize (“golden shot”) ©G. Dagys.

Another video from remote Taiga: Oleg – The Hunter

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This is a short story about Oleg Timofejevich Odnolko, who spends a lot of time in Taiga (Evenkia region, central Russia) woods to hunt there.

Hunting in the remote Taiga has become less profitable and much more difficult than it was some time ago. But all hard challenges that make others to step away do not scare him. Oleg is absolutely dependent on the nature and it seems that he even became a part of it – he is not an intruder, he belongs here, and he is not going to change his way of living as this is his home, his work, his wilderness.

Almost like “The Last of the Mohicans” Oleg lives in Taiga wilderness, 130km away from closest village. It’s been 30 years, since he started to live and hunt by the Diupkun lake. Sometimes few men who come to help him on hunting matters stay there too.

Cabin is heated by the little furnace, called “burzuika”. The word originates from “bourgeoisie”, and ironically connotes a warm and wealthy life. It is also used for cooking food. Always precisely clean and orderly, Oleg puts on his white gloves while frying meat cakes and is giving orders to his helpers like a head chief of a fancy restaurant.

The huntsman’s day begins at 5 a.m. At daybreak, it’s always worth checking around the hut to see if there’s any easy prey walking within a bullet’s distance. If there’re no plans to hunt that day—shortly after breakfast the preparation for dinner begins. Soon after, the host Oleg and his helpers gather by the dinner table as if they were one family.

“I’m not killing, I’m producing”, – with smile on his face Oleg explains his take on hunting.
“It would not be easy, if possible at all to find him out there. He knows perfectly how to survive in Taiga. Trying to help him would be the same as trying to help deer or wolf”,- says Konstantin, a fellow hunter living in the closest village to Oleg’s cabin.

Diupkun Lake is a place that “civilized” humans would find hard to survive. It is surrounded by woods and mountains – The Putorana Plateau, which covers the majority of Evenkia’s territory. In the local language “Putorana” means “flat like a table”.

Frozen rivers and lakes are Oleg’s highways, when he is traveling with his snowmobile to and from his hut.

Behind the scenes video: vimeo.com/76349851
A story about Zimnik – the ice road: vimeo.com/75318928

Average temperature while filming was around -40°C.

More information and photo stories dikiy.me

Produced by: Giedrius Dagys, Berta Tilmantaite, Zilvinas Vasiliauskas.

Our story – in National Geographic Estonia

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NatGeo Eesti

More info: Dikiy.me


Our National Geographic Cover story

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Our photo story about the Ice road is publish in National Geographic magazine (in Baltic Countries). I’m really excited to see my photo of lovely Spiridon and his dog on the cover.

For more photos and stories, please, visit the website of our project: Dikiy.me. And our personal websites: Berta, Giedrius, Zilvinas.

Photo story COLD CARRIAGE published in Geographical Magazine

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Our Dikiy.me story about the ice road in Russia is published in Geographical Magazine, UK.

Rhythms Monthly published our ZIMNIK story

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Rhythms Monthly

Our (dikiy.me) story about the ice road in Siberia is published in Taiwanese geographical magazine Rhythms Monthly.


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